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Responsible Gaming

Jolibet Responsible Gaming: A Comprehensive Approach to Safe and Enjoyable Entertainment

Jolibet Online Casino is dedicated to leading the gaming revolution, providing a platform that seamlessly combines entertainment with the chance to win big. Our commitment to responsible gaming is paramount, ensuring a secure and enjoyable user experience. This guide takes an in-depth look at responsible gaming at Jolibet Online Casino, focusing specifically on the Philippines.

Setting Personal Limits for Controlled Gaming

Before diving into the gaming experience at Jolibet, it is imperative to establish personal limits. These limits include deposit, session, and loss limits, allowing players to take charge of their gaming activity and keep it within their comfort zone. Additionally, players can exclude themselves from playing any games on the website.

Self-Exclusion Options for Enhanced Control

Jolibet offers self-exclusion features for moments when a break from gaming becomes necessary. These options empower players to temporarily or permanently exclude themselves from the platform, providing an additional layer of control over their gaming habits.

Imposing Limits on Gaming:

  • Players can email their local customer service or visit the Responsible Gaming section on the website to set limits.

Account Closure for Indefinite Exclusion:

  • Opting for indefinite self-exclusion results in account closure, with players barred from re-registering on the website.

Weekly Deposit Limits:

  • During account setup, players can impose limits on their play, restricting deposits and play to pre-set amounts for the next seven days.

Reversing Self-Exclusion:

  • Players can request re-activation of their access after a minimum exclusion period of 7 days.

Reality Checks: Monitoring Gaming Time and Spending

To address the common issue of losing track of time while gaming, Jolibet provides reality check reminders. These prompts help players stay aware of their gaming duration and expenses, reducing the likelihood of excessive play.

Support and Assistance: A Pillar of Responsible Gaming

Acknowledging that responsible gaming requires ongoing support, Jolibet provides links to organizations that assist individuals facing gambling-related problems. These organizations offer guidance and support to those in need.

Preventing Underage Gambling

Jolibet is committed to protecting minors from engaging in gambling activities. Adhering to the Philippines Gambling Law implemented by PAGCOR, we employ stringent age verification methods to ensure that only players aged 21 and above can access our platform.

Responsible Advertising Practices

Our commitment to responsible gaming extends to our advertising practices. Jolibet ensures that promotions are transparent, non-misleading, and not targeted at vulnerable individuals. All advertisements adhere to ethical standards, promoting a responsible gaming environment.

Educational Resources on Responsible Gaming

Jolibet provides access to educational resources on responsible gaming, including articles, guides, and videos that help players make informed decisions about their gaming habits. These resources aim to enhance awareness and promote responsible gaming practices.

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

Jolibet is dedicated to continuously monitoring and improving its responsible gaming measures. We regularly assess our policies and procedures to ensure they align with the latest industry standards and best practices, providing a safe and reliable gaming environment for all.


Jolibet Online Casino stands as a beacon of responsible gaming, committed to fostering an environment where entertainment and safety go hand in hand. By prioritizing responsible gaming practices, we aim to create a community that thrives on enjoyable experiences while prioritizing the well-being of our players.

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